Masako came up with a new hashtag. This is better than the #MAMUSapproved – which was pretty cool (by Markoff). We use #MAMUSsay of MAMUS SAY for our email communications. If you are not familiar with the etymology of the term “say” – please see below and reference Frankie Goes to Hollywood.





Design 2015

Updates happening all over. The website(s) are undergoing fixes for mobile. New site development will be underway in March. The 2015 MAMUS book – BLACK – will be forthcoming in Spring. The price will be increased for inflation and materials cost. The new cost will be $25,000.

Of course, if you work with us – just ask and get one for free. Your brand may be highlighted.



Die Antwoord

What I love about this video:

1.) Editing is superb
2.) The visual drama is amazing. Lovely, crazy bat-shit vibe.
3.) Aphex Twin sweatshirt!
4.) Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
5.) Jack Black
5a.) Dita Von Teese!
6.) Die Antwoord is so cool, so from outer space. They scare me and that’s good. Would rather be scared than bored by video.
7.) South Africa is bad ass
8.) Marilyn Manson
9.) God.


Too cool. London.

This is so London. I think this is the best thing I have seen in a while.