MAMUS SS2014 first glance

The new website is underway. Below is a sampling of new brand work and brand imaging studies for COSIMO/Boston, RILEY/Portland, TRUMODO/Dublin, X-STATIC/Scranton (live print advertising and web ads), York, Toronto (identity syste) and HENRIETTA HUDSON/New York (identity refresh and website coming soon). This is sample of the brand work. Identity systems, print design, mobile, web design and more. My main website is here.


Word of the day

Hi. Long time no speak. Winter, crazy busy, light deprivation, Ukraine.

Anyway, I will be posting first glance of some new work that I am very happy with. Really nice, strategic and smart.

Regarding word of the day, there should be an agency called Callow Design, as I see much design that fits the bill. Overly stylized, with little meaning or understanding of how brands work – and more importantly – how consumers (any consumer) perceives them. Glorious naïveté. Behold. Have a nice day.

courtesy of google:


  1. 1.
    (esp. of a young person) inexperienced and immature.
    “earnest and callow undergraduates”
    synonyms: immatureinexperiencedjuvenileadolescentnaivegreenraw,

    informalwet behind the ears
    “she toyed with the emotions of Laughton when he was a callow and insecure young man”

The domination will continue.

2014 will be an excellent year. I hope yours is amazing too.

This photograph sums it up for me. Beauty, composition, color and layers of meaning.

MAMUS will continue winning.



DAWSON + CLINTON 2013 sneak preview

Dawson + Clinton is a high end design and build contracting firm based in San Francisco. Their work is fantastic and the attention to detail is incredible.

We created the original incarnation of the brand identity about 6 years ago, and we are updating their collateral materials, book and website to a fully responsive piece.

Below is a sneak preview of the work – the site will be live in a week or two I believe.